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Commercial Services - CCTV

With the level of publicity cybercrime receives in today’s media, businesses sometimes forget that the threat of a physical burglary or other unlawful intrusion remains as significant as ever. With an excellent CCTV system like the ones available here at Comm-Tech IT, we can provide you with equipment that can help protect your business in three ways:

1. Deter

Often, simply the visible presence of a genuine CCTV camera will be enough to give a would-be burglar second thoughts. This is the first and most important step to preventing break-ins.

2. Alert

Should intruders persist, modern CCTV systems are able to alert business owners, or other key personnel within organisations, who can take appropriate action such as informing the police. Although we don’t supply alarms, we can point you in the direction of an excellent partner company that does.

3. Identify

Should the worst happen and a break-in occurs, you will have high-quality, graphic evidence that can only help in identifying the culprits and ideally retrieving your stolen assets.


CCTV systems can be complex, so we’ll take care of the installation and provide any maintenance they might need, whether you’re in Liverpool, Manchester or just about anywhere in between. Our experienced engineers are able to advise on matters like where to place cameras for maximum effect, and how to test and look after your CCTV system.

At Comm-Tech IT, security is our language, whether it’s safeguarding data or keeping properties secure, so put your trust in our expertise. We’re an experienced company that loves to build relationships with our clients, many of whom come to turn to us as their first port of call for online or offline protection.

To speak to us about the perfect CCTV solution, fill in our contact form today, or simply give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.