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Commercial Services

In a time when security is more important to businesses than ever, we provide a range of services to help safeguard your company against both online and offline threats. Security and productivity come hand in hand, and we have everything you need to get your company in great shape.


For too long, businesses and organisations that opt to use Macs instead of PCs have had to settle for makeshift IT support. Our engineers are fully trained in both, and can tailor their support for your type of computer.


CCTV systems can be complex, so we’ll take care of the installation and provide any maintenance they might need, whether you’re in Liverpool, Manchester or just about anywhere in between.


Naturally, different broadband packages suit different organisations depending on their size, location and reach, so we’ll point you to the best possible solution for you, and advise you on how you can get the most out of your package.


It’s a sad fact that due to the modern pace of technology, many perfectly well functioning IT appliances end up in landfill. This is bad news for the environment, and in many cases is not responsible from a data protection perspective either.