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Domestic Services -Repairs

Today’s technology allows many people to work from home, and householders enjoy access to a greater range of shopping and entertainment options online than ever before. This means that it’s more important than ever that the devices you use are always functioning effectively and are there when you need them.

Quick and convenient services

Nothing is more frustrating than when your laptop or desktop computer gets damaged. Whether it’s a cracked screen or a faulty hard drive, if you have a problem, you’ll need it fixed fast.

We understand that while IT is our area of expertise, it might not be yours.

That’s why we always communicate clearly with our customers, using simple language to explain the way we work.

Our capable team has the skills and experience to swiftly assess and identify issues and get your equipment operating again, with only high-quality replacement parts employed in our repair work.

To keep life convenient for our customers, we offer a free service for collecting equipment in need of repair, and we’ll deliver it safely back to you once it’s working. In many cases, we can fix the issues experienced by our customers by remotely accessing their devices online, getting them back up and running in record time.

Keeping costs low

All our engineers are based in their own homes, allowing us to pass the savings we make on office space to our customers, keeping our affordable rates competitive.

Expert engineers

With over 25 years’ experience in IT, helping organisations and individuals across the UK, our expert team is ready to assist. Whether you’re running a small business remotely from home and your tech is behaving badly, or you simply need a personal laptop fixed around the North West, contact our experienced engineers at Comm-Tech IT today for any repairs you require.