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Domestic Services - Upgrades

Technology is now helping people to easily work from home and to access many online options, from browsing and gaming to shopping and streaming. To keep your devices operating efficiently and to ensure your personal data remains secure, it’s vital that the software they use is kept up to date. A wide range of protective solutions are also available that can enhance the security of your systems, keeping them clean and preventing unauthorised individuals from accessing your private files and accounts.

The easiest way to update and install

Many people are concerned that they don’t have the skillset to upgrade their systems and install security software, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

That’s why, at Comm-Tech IT, we offer our customers the option of letting us tackle these tasks. Your operating system might need an update, or you may require new antivirus software, but either way, you can count on us.

We know that while IT is like a second language to us, it might not be for you. That’s why we never use technical jargon to explain our services, ensuring clear communications throughout our service.

To avoid disrupting our clients, we’ll install updates remotely whenever possible by accessing their desktops and laptops online, ensuring their devices are optimised and secure.

Cutting costs for customers

All our engineers are based in their own homes, allowing us to pass the savings we make on office space to our customers, keeping our affordable rates competitive. Our dedicated engineers are home-based, which enables us to pass on the savings from not using an office to the customers we serve, keeping our rates more affordable.

Experts on hand

With more than 25 years’ experience assisting UK organisations and individuals with their IT issues, our specialist team is ready to help. Whether you’re operating a small business from your home remotely or simply want to make sure your family’s personal devices are protected, contact our experienced engineers at Comm-Tech IT – we cover the North West with all services required.