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Commercial Services - Refurbished Equipment

It’s a sad fact that due to the modern pace of technology, many perfectly well functioning IT appliances end up in landfill. This is bad news for the environment, and in many cases is not responsible from a data protection perspective either. After all, how much sensitive information is being held on these discarded devices?

At Comm-Tech IT, we believe in refurbishment as an alternative to disposal. From an environmental point of view, it’s always better to reuse than to recycle, and that’s definitely the case in IT. Why throw items away when with a little professional care, they can work like new?

Recycling Your IT

We take IT assets no longer needed by companies and schools, cleanse them of any sensitive data that might still be on them, and refurbish them to work like new. It makes perfect sense in a time of heightened awareness about the amount of plastic and other non-decomposing material in landfill, and the pollution levels created by irresponsibly discarded tech items.

Whether it’s system units, monitors, speakers, keyboards, telephone systems or mobile phones, most electrical items are thrown away long before they cease to work, simply because their owners have replaced them with new ones and no longer wish to keep them. By keeping them away from the rubbish tip, you can make sure these items – and the parts that go into them – have an extended life. At the same time, if you’re looking for new appliances for a workplace, you could be paying much less if you pick up refurbished goods rather than new ones.

If you have any IT items you no longer need, or are interested in picking up second-hand appliances that work just like new, speak to us here at Comm-Tech IT. Not only will you be doing the environment a favour, but you’ll be kitting out your workplace with efficient IT devices at nowhere near the cost of brand new items.